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Automated or Manual
Dimensions 38 3/4” w x 44 3/4” h

Self-contained Concept
Unit fits into a rough hole

Rough Hole Dimensions:
39 wide x 45 high

Double tempered thermal sealed and insulated for security and weather resistance.

Clear anodized aluminum
Thermal Broken
External Water Drains

Other Features:
Overhead linear bearing
Autolock (latches on close)
Dropdown lock bar
Removable perimeter hair felt seals
Serviceable - inner and outer

Insert into rough hole, square and shim. Attach to the wall or store front with 3 # 10 screws per side. Do not overtighten. When installed there should be a 1/16” gap to accept a high quality caulking. - Link: Installation Instructions


This model replaces the AW3945-12. It is specifically designed to do no stucco damage during install. It is 5” deep not 12” deep so the heater is no longer built-in.
1. Reuse the current heater and request a bracket for mounting on the wall above
2. Add a new heater to the order (with bracket)
3. Add an air curtain to the order