About Us

Ultimate Drive Thru windows has been manufacturing drive thru windows exclusively since 1983. Ultimate's designer invented vertical lift automation for drive thru. Give us your dimensions and we can design the window of your choice – flushmount, projected, vertical lift , sideslider, bi- parting, automatic, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or manual.

Our attention to the detail of the drive thru station's needs sets us apart. Proprietary finished designs are pleasing to the eye, simple to install into a rough hole, simple to use and simple to maintain. The priorities of the market have evolved over the years and customers have our assurance that our focus is on satisfying their ever changing needs.

Our specialized system employs the principle of pneumatics to provide the industry with equipment that is capable of high daily cycles with the minimum of moving parts.

Our design means that these windows are the only windows with proportional automatic opening (windows do not have to complete a full cycle when initiated.) Controlled opening and closing speeds are unique to Ultimate Drive thru Window's pneumatics.

Electric opening is available also.

Environmentally Conscious

Automation: Automatic opening and closing minimizes the time the window spends open – letting heat or cool air escape and pollution in.

Metal: Our windows are manufactured using non-ferrous metals not vinyl. We have minimized the use of metal to maximize the line of sight between customers and servers.

Glazing: Standard to all units is thermal sealed tempered glazing. Double glazing with glass that has been tempered for 8 times the strength of regular glass. Double glazing maintains ambient temperatures and reduces noise.

Optic Sensing: Total handsfree operation saves time and 'no touch' opening and closing reduces the spread of germs.

Low Maintenance: Automatic windows have only 4 moving parts. Part replacement can be done at the handyman level in most instances. 

Our windows have the lowest long term per anum operating costs.