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Reception Windows

Generally, an interior window that is custom built to customer’s specific dimensions and requirements. It is available in both vertical lift and side slider depending on application.

Can be for inter-office, office-warehouse, front desk security or have an application in a hospital where separation is required for cleanliness, security or noise reduction.

The vertical lift window becomes a natural barrier when the lift is restricted.

We have built reception windows in both vertical lift and side sliding options as well as manual (with a handle), semi-automatic (requiring push button or bar) or automated (handsfree) depending on need.

The Reception window has Ultimate’s standard features to make this interior window: 
Top Hung linear bearing for side sliders 
Clear anodized thermally broken frames
Thermally sealed double tempered glazing
Stainless steel Autolock for side sliders
Dropdown overnight lockbar for side sliders and overnight lockbar for vertical lifts
Slide to left or right (as viewed from the inside)