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Optic Sensing
Adjustable hands-free sensing anticipates the presence of a server and opens or closes the window automatically. No bars, buttons or through beams means true hands-free operation. Servers don't have to think about opening and closing. 
Switched optic override keeps window open automatically at peak periods.
Proportional Opening (window does not complete a whole cycle on an accidental trip) Adjustable from 2 to 24 “. Set at the factory to 8”
Fast operating 1" movement = 2" opening.
Lowest CO2/Air consumption - only 3 3/8 cubic inches per cycle!

Linear Bearing
Frames are top-hung on linear ball bearing tracks. No rollers or wheels on the counter to trap dirt and bind.

Self-contained concept
Unit fits into a rough hole opening. No ancillary framing is required. Complete from the inside to the outside.
Anodized aluminum finish sides, roof and counter

Thermal Sealed Double Tempered Glazing – extremely strong. Resists cold, heat and noise.

Dimensions: 48w x 45h x 4 ½ “deep
Rough Hole:48 ¼ x 45 ¼ x 4 ½ ” deep
Daylight opening:  22w x 30h
Center bi-parting side slider
Electrical rating:
Input AC100-240v 50/60Hz.08A
Switch 3 pos (DPDT): Optic Override/off/automatic
12” pigtail wiring at left bottom as viewed from the interior. C/W drawstring and labelled instructions

Link: Installation Instructions